Lee Stafford Coco LoCo CoConut baLM


The only thing we DON'T love about this is the spelling, with its weird capital and non-letters! But that's just us being picky. (And pedantic!)

Lee Stafford Coco LoCo CoConut baLM is a portable tin of hair 'moisturiser' which is versatile enough to be used on wet or dry hair. A little goes a long, long way: simply smooth between hands and work through hair to add shine and boost moisture levels - and add a little sheen-y texture, on dry hair, too. It also tames 'frizz' brilliantly.

Based on naturally nourishing coconut oil, it has a coconutty (but not as strong as a Bounty!) fragrance and is proving brilliant for hair that is currently affected by central heating, biting winds and woolly hats. But we think it'll come into its own in summer, too, for the beach.

And however you punctuate it, this is a great hair 'find'!

Lee Stafford Coco LoCo CoConut baLM/£6.99 for 50 g at www.boots.com