Beauty Clinic: Help with facial redness


Q. I have a problem with facial redness and uneven skin tone. Could you recommend a concealer that is effective but not too heavy in texture – I don't want that ‘mask’ look – and preferably that I can use all over my face as a foundation? Recover A. The good news about concealers (and indeed foundations) is that today’s make-up technology is so sophisticated that you really can find light-textured products that fulfil everything you specify.

We suggest you consider a new colour correct concealer from ReCover Cosmetics, which has impressed us. Created by make-up artist and camouflage expert Annabel Jardella, ReCover offers a truly lightweight, pigment-packed product – called (descriptively) Correct & Conceal Red. And yes, it does just what it says on the tin without making skin look dull or caked with product.

There are currently five shades: Light, Fair, Beige, Mid Tan and Deep Tan, with Very Light coming later this spring. Although it is superfine, as the blurb promises, it does cover really well and you can use it as a foundation, then build it up on areas of redness or anything else that needs concealing, such as pigmentation or dark circles under eyes.

The dispenser features a neat gold-plated applicator tip, which gives you just the right amount to start with. There is a short clip on the website that shows you the very simple application technique, using your fingers incidentally.

The one snag is that, at the moment, the range is only available online. Fingers crossed, ReCover will be available in store before too long.