Slixir Hand & Polish Cream

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Plenty of hand creams promise to nourish nails.

Interestingly, this cream (fast becoming a cult) also promises to care for your actual nail polish, keeping it supple and making it less likely to chip. (Brittle polish chips more easily, NB.)

Slixir’s patent-pending formula is luscious, delivering plenty of hand TLC via a blend of jojoba, avocado oil, active copper and skin-soothing colloidal oats.

We find it great for last thing at night slathering (everyone needs a fab hand cream, bedside) – and though it is designed to be used over polish, Slixir is equally good for nail rehab when you remove your varnish. (We like to remove polish last thing at night, slather richly, and reapply polish next day.)

It sinks in swiftly, but the skin-softening effects are still (somewhat) apparent after your next hand-washing.

Good stuff. (And we’re pretty sure if our nail polish could actually talk, it’d be saying nice things about Slixir, too.)

£21.95 for 75 ml ­– buy here