Beauty Clinic: How do I soften lines around my sensitive eyes?


Q. I’m just noticing a huge difference in the lines, wrinkles and crêpiness under my eyes in last year or so.  I have always been a bit lazy when it comes to using eye creams, partly as I started becoming ultra-sensitive to products, even those specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  But I need to do something now!  I’m prepared to pay a high price if a product gives decent results – without the irritation…

A. Sensitivity is such an individual thing that we almost hesitate to suggest products.  In your longer email, you refer to coming out in itchy rashes and eczema, even with a totally natural organic product designed for concerns like yours.  The message being that any ingredient can provoke a reaction in susceptible individuals, whether it’s a synthetic chemical or pure and natural, even organically certified.  (Curiously, Sarah is sensitive to the herb eyebright, which is often found in eye products… and other colleagues to various essential oils.)

Before we talk products, just two things: firstly, it’s important not to put an eye cream or gel too near the eye where it will inevitably travel into the eye and cause irritation.  Just tap a tiny amount with your ring finger around the orbital bone of your eye socket.  Secondly, avoid extra load on your touchy eyes by wearing big (uber-flattering) Jackie O sunglasses, with wide arms, whenever you are outside in polluted environments, or indeed with hay fever season coming up in the countryside too.

Our best advice is to find a brand that you know suits you and try their eye product.  Both of us have super-sensitive peepers so we stick to products that we know won’t upset them.  The range that suits Sarah excellently is Heaven skincare by Deborah Mitchell. This offers several different options for eye care.  For instance, non-greasy 02 Eye Cream/£37 for 15 ml, would be suitable for your concerns as it promises to treat fine lines and wrinkles and promote healthier looking skin around the eye area as well as brightening tired and dull eyes and combatting puffiness. 

Jo, meanwhile, has a couple of favourites: the admittedly luxe-priced Chanel Sublimage La Crème Yeux Ultimate Revitalisation Eye Cream, £128 for 15 g (she loves the metal applicator, which works brilliantly to de-puff), and Temple Spa Eye Truffle, £60 for 15 ml. Despite having super-sensitive eyes, she has nothing but good things to report about both of these. Both are pricy – but a little goes a long way with eye treatments.


Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash