Simple get tough on cyberbullying (with the help of Little Mix)


We thank our lucky stars that we didn’t grow up in the age of cyberbullying. One in three teens now has to endure this – so we applaud any beauty brand which sets out to put their muscle behind fighting cyberbullying.

To which end, Simple skincare have paired up (for the second time) with Little Mix, all of whom, almost incredibly, have experienced either bullying or having negative comments lobbed at them, at some point. (The charity partner is Ditch the Label, who are doing some great work to eliminate cyberbullying, seeking to create the kind of ‘prejudice-free’ world we’d surely all like to live in.)

What’s the connection between skin and bullying? It’s all about choosing kindness, basically. (Something we think should be taught in schools. Let’s face it, it’s way more useful than learning the capital of Peru. Especially when you can Google that.)

There’ll be some exciting news shortly about some fab Simple skin products which will help raise funds for Ditch the Label. Meanwhile, have a look at the Little Mix video below – and check out the Simple #choosekindness campaign, here.