Bloom and Blossom Hand Washes (and the sweetest video EVER)


Do you have trouble getting the small people in your life to wash their hands properly? Bloom and Blossom are riding to the rescue with this collection of Roald Dahl-inspired hand washes, featuring Quentin Blake’s delightful illustrations.

There are five to choose from, each with a different ‘flavour’…

Charlie’s Glorious Hand Wash – scented with toasted marshmallow.

James’ Magical Hand Wash – with a sweet peach scent.

Matilda’s Miraculous Hand Wash – probably our favourite, with its notes of patchouli, bergamot, lavender and satsuma.

George’s Marvellous Hand Wash – marshmallow frosting and candyfloss.

The Twits Wicked Hand Wash – fragrant with organic tea tree and eucalyptus. (Second fave, for us.)

Suitable for grown-ups as well as kids (though you might want to take a steer from our fragrance choices, above). ‘Even suitable for Ooompa-Loompas,’ they promise.

PS Do, do, DO watch the how-to-wash-your-hands video for kids that Bloom and Blossom has put together, here (or click below) – it is honestly the sweetest thing.

£3.99 each for 200ml (or £15 for a set of all five, which is a bit of a snip, if you ask us) – buy here