Salons We Love: Luke Sothcott Hair


Devoted as we are to John Frieda (with occasional dalliances on the side in the name of research), there’s just no way – as out-of-towners – that we always want to hop on a train for two hours (and then back again), for what Americans charmingly call a blow-out. So wherever you have your hair done, it’s important to have local back-up.

Jo was delighted, then, to discover that fave local hairstylist Luke Sothcott has opened his own rather fabulous atelier in the back of one of her favourite shops. Which just happens to be called ‘SHOP’, situated on Norman Road in St. Leonard’s-on-Sea in East Sussex. It’s a perfect 40-minute, step-accumulating stroll from her house (on a nice day) – slightly longer if a pitstop is required at William the Conequeror’s ice cream stall outside hip hangout Goat Ledge. (And don’t just go there for the hilarious name, folks. Will knows his gelato.)

Luke does an ace blow-dry. He’s also great at colour, so we’re told. But it’s a great space to hang out, sort of beaten-up vintage style, with its wire towel rack, fab lighting, statue of the Virgin Mary (no religious significance there, except we do always want to anoint the feet of a great hairstylist…)

Spacious, it’s tucked away at the back of SHOP, but doesn’t feel in the least claustrophobic because of the reclaimed window into the ‘salon’ (see Luke with his tools, above!)

As his salon brand, he’s chosen the very excellent, hair-nurturing Phyto range, with its wide selection of hair-repairing products. And we really can’t argue with the prices – £50 for a cut and blow-dry, from £25 for just a blow-dry, £75 for a half-head of highlights.

We always say: shop local. And that includes getting your barnet tended to. So: who are your favourite local hair hangouts? Instagram them and tag us, and we’ll share.

And as for Luke? He’s @lukesothcotthair

Luke Sothcott Hair 32-34 Norman Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN38 0EJ/07955-821346