Seven Seventeen candles


We love a start-up beauty brand – especially one which sets out to reclaim calm in a crazy world, and supports mental health charities through its work. As Seven Seventeen describe their venture, it’s ‘Mood-boosting candles for the burnt out.’

Seven Seventeen was set up by two former journalists, Naomi Reilly and Sarah Slade – ex-Elle and ex-Elle Deco (five kids between them) – and now has a gorgeous range, created from natural plant waxes.

The names kinda say it all – Hello Calm (Moroccan rose), Peace (fresh linen), And Breathe (lavender), and so on. They’re simply packaged, not too expensive, and perfect (as they put it) for ‘a daily dose of calm’.

We also like that they offer subscription packages of three or six months (from £48) which would be a GREAT present for someone – um, possibly you…) The first candle will come with their extra-long matches.

Bright new lights in the candle world, these two.

From £16 – buy here