S5 Intelligent Skincare for Modern Living


S5 targets the skin problems caused by modern living: the effects of stress, blue light, lack of sleep – and its founder, Laura Rudoe was all about ‘clean’ beauty before it was a thing. Laura worked on the launch of NUDE before going on to create her successful Evolve organic skincare line.

We like to think of S5 as the ‘big sister’ to that line – its slightly more high-tech formulations tapping into cutting-edge scientific developments, yet still entirely organic and natural (and hand-made in small batches in Hertfordshire). 

Now, we often suppress a yawn when people trumpet a brand as being ‘a marriage of science and nature’ – but in the case of S5, it’s absolutely true. What’s also true, however, is that the range was in need of a revamp – and that’s just what it’s had, with softly colourful labels signposting us to the right products. (All-white packaging makes it surprisingly challenging to figure out the difference between one product and another – and that’s not just us; a leading supermarket buyer told us the exact same thing recently.)

So here’s the colour-coding, decoded. Suffer from sensitivity? Head for the blue-labelled range, designed to soothe and calm. Do you have blemishes, or sensitive/oily skin? Soft sage-y green is your shade. Sensitive and dry takes yellow as its colour cue. Wow. That makes life sooooo much easier already.

At the heart of the S5 collection are five serums formulated with high levels of actives. In addition to the serums above, there are two more: Illuminate Serum (mauve label), targeting pigmentation issues, and Renew Serum (lines/wrinkles and other signs of ageing), with its pink livery. 

Since many of us have more than one skin challenges the serums are designed to be blended together, to target any and every skincare need. 

But with that colour-coding, S5 rises to another of the challenges of modern living – leading us by the hand straight to the right products in an age of information overload.

£24-65 – buy here