Lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber


We raved about Lixirskin when it first launched – a capsule collection of brilliant, effective skincare from a behind-the-scenes cosmetics dynamo, Dr. Colette Haydon, who’s finally come out of her lab after creating bestselling skincare for many a fabled beauty name, and is now (hoorah!) doing her own thing.

This recent mask/exfoliator launch is just as fab as the debut collection – and just the ticket for getting rid of post-summer dinginess. We love that it calls itself a ‘No-Bits’ exfoliator – because we’re often wary of rubbing our precious skins with actual particles of something/anything. But this works in a mysterious but rather marvellous way.

You smooth it onto skin and then pat, pat, pat, pat, pat for around a minute as it goes from tacky to – well, less tacky. Then, using circular fingertip movements, you buff away the mask itself and the dead skin clinging to it, revealing glowier, brighter, truly transformed skin beneath. When it’s gone, you’ll see it’s taken all the gunk and build-up with it. (Very satisfying that is, too.)

Alternatively, you can leave Lixirskin Soft Clay Rubber on longer – more like a conventional mask – and wash it off. But we like the rubbing action, actually; skin looks unbelievably fresh afterwards (not least because the patting and rubbing brings blood flow to the surface).

There’s no scent to speak of, and it’s great for our sensitive – and somewhat dull, as we transition from summer-to-autumn – complexions.

Not sure what she has up the sleeve of her lab coat next, but bring it on, Dr. Haydon.

£0.00 for 60ml – buy here