Rituals of Ayurveda Dry Oil Body Sprays


Do you know your 'dosha'? That's your Ayurvedic body/energy/spirit type – and they are: Vata, Kapha and Pitta. That ancient Indian wellbeing philosophy is what Rituals – who are impressing us more almost by the week both with their formulations and their zhooshed-up designs – have based three  beautiful new bodycare collections on.

So this is the i-d-e-a...

Vata means you have 'an impulsive personality and you're very energetic, fun and lively. Your mind is easily distracted and hyperactive.' When Vata is balanced, you're joyful, creative and vital – and when you're not, you're fearful and anxious.

Pittas have 'a sharp mind and good concentration powers. You're passionate and enthusiastic, stable and very reliable.' When balanced, your'e intelligent and content – and when imbalanced, angry, aggressive and demanding.

As for Kapha? 'You're laid-back and easy-going, loving and compassionate. You are very calm and stable but you can also be possessive and have a tendency to hold onto things.' When balanced, you're loving and forgiving – and when out of whack, you tend towards insecurity and envy.

The idea is to balance those doshas on an ongoing basis – and one of the ways we'll be doing that is with our favourite product from Rituals' new collection: the Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oils. These have three different fragrances – and does it matter if you choose one that's not your dosha...? We don't think so. (Although Jo was strangely drawn most to the Pitta oil, which matches hers.)

They're a sinks-in-fast yet nourishing formula featuring sweet almond oil and Indian rose – really, a total treat for the senses (and nice packaging never goes amiss). They're part of a much bigger Rituals of Ayurveda bodycare collection – and we can't recommend highly enough that you revisit your nearest Rituals store to have your eyes opened at their offering. (And your dosha balanced, while you're at it.)

Rituals Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oils/£19.50 for 100 ml each at rituals.com