Kind Natured Ultra-Gentle Oatmeal & Aloe Body Wash


Sensitive souls, listen up. Though hard water has recently been linked with eczema and other skin problems (and we're really not surprised about that), what you cleanse your skin with is also – of course – a massive factor.

But what we would say, before we launch into a little paean to this product, is that nobody needs to lather up from top to toe every day. It's just asking for dryness and itchiness. However, hands, feet and underarms do benefit from thorough cleansing – and this is our new go-to, a 97% natural product free from sulfates, petrochemicals and parabens, which lathers gently – definitely 'kind-natured' both by name and nature, formulated with soothing aloe and oats.

Kind Natured Ultra-Gentle Oatmeal & Aloe Body Wash is also slightly (and lightly) tropically-scented – and a genuine pleasure to use. That's one of Kind Natured's promises in their ethos – which you can read here – and this British brand definitely delivers on that front.

We look forward to trying more from this new, skin-friendly name. And we'll report back.

Kind Natured Ultra-Gentle Oatmeal & Aloe Body Wash/£4.99 for 250ml at