REN Clean Screen SPF30


We are frankly always in the market for a great summer facial sunscreen that isn't tacky, works well under make-up and smells nice (in this case, very subtly and slightly aromatically – not a 'beachy' smell at all, which we like about it). 

REN Clean Screen SPF30 is a welcome addition to the morning beauty arsenal, then. As the name suggests, it doesn't leave skin shiny. Nor will it leave skin chalky-looking, either (though we like to massage well into skin, at which point the protective zinc oxide filter completely vanishes). Give it a minute to sink in, and it's make-up ready. (Depending on whether you bother, in summer. We still do, a bit). 

Alongside the zinc – which also guards against the effects of blue light – there's potent antioxidant yellow passion seed extract, plus rice starch to control shine and soothe any irritation. Because it's zinc, though, it's non-irritating for most skins – an inert mineral, rather than a complicated chemical sunscreen.

Clean Screen's also vegan – and several gold stars to REN for the fact that the tube is created from post consumer recycled plastic.

Nothing not to love here, as far as we're concerned.

£30 for 50ml – buy here