Bamford English Garden candles


If you're deserving of a splurge, these are exquisiteL hefty, generously-sized (there are two wicks to melt the wax), made from 100% natural wax and offered in pleasing (recycled) green glass jars that can be upcycled as tumblers or vases afterwards. (Top tip: flowers look great in green glass – it mirrors the colour of stems.)

Joining the existing line-up of Bamford candles, this new line-up is inspired by the ravishing gardens of Carole Bamford at Daylesford in Gloucestershire. The fragrances take their inspiration from single flowers, giving a beautiful impression of those flowers but with a real complexity, too. They're designed, as Lady Bamford puts it, 'to recall the simple joy of walking through an English garden.'  

Rose A rose is a rose is a rose... but this also has a florist's shop greenness, from the green rose stem base notes, which sit alongside heart notes of mint, green leave, geranium and rose itself.

Lavender This has been wafting Jo to sleep with its gentle notes of citrus, bergamot, juniper berry, geranium, pine, white woods, herbs and aromatic lavender. 

Iris Elegance in a candle, truly, soothing with elements of cedar, vetiver, iris petal, musk, amber, white cedar, moss and tonka alongside the iris.

Bluebell That herald of spring, here evoked alongside bergamot, mandarin, green leaf, lily, orange blossom, cedarwood and musk.

Violet A 'Mummy's handbag' of a scent, this one, with lavender, rose, patchouli, apple, cardamom, musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. 

And if you've had a bit of a windfall, imagine layering them for the full-on herbaceous border effect.

£65 for 330g – buy here