Radical Tea Towel Women’s March Premium Wash Bag


We couldn’t resist snapping up a few of these for friends, this Christmas. (And yes, feminists do wear make-up. Or at the very least, clean their faces. So if our friend who founded The Women’s Equality Party is reading: sorry for spoiling the surprise, Catherine.)

Actually, The Radical Tea Towel company always puts a smile on our faces with their gifts – political statements, delivered with wit and style. There are ‘Votes for Women’ mugs, aprons, tea towels and more. This particular bag is based on a 1911 drawing by Margaret Morris in the suffragette colours of purple, green and white.

Were told: ‘The design was intended to illustrate the song sheet of "The March of the Women" composed by Ethel Smyth and dedicated to Emmeline Pankhurst. Smyth reputably conducted the anthem with her toothbrush from a window of Holloway Prison!’ (Not many make-up bags you can say that about, eh?)

We’re all for celebrating the current rise of women to our rightful place as equals in society – and acknowledging the role of the suffragettes who helped us get here.

Changing the world, one make-up bag at a time? Why ever not?

£17 – buy here