Gaia Naturally Face Exfoliator


We love pretty much everything Gaia at Boringdon Hall makes. The Sleep Balm, cleansing balm, the body oils, the bath treats (and the Lip Balm is the all-time fave of ‘Beauty Bible Amy’!)

Now this Devon-based, award-winning spa destination has just launched a facial exfoliator which we’ve fallen head over heels for.

First let it be known: we’re wary of face scrubs. Hate anything that scratches the delicate complexion. But Gaia Naturally Face Exfoliator is super-gentle, with the teensiest sugar crystals in a sunflower seed and beeswax base, lightly and citrus-ly (if that is indeed a word) scented with mandarin, petitgrain and clary sage, and delivered up in Gaia’s signature, chic bamboo packaging.

There’s a real pleasure factor as you massage it into the face’s nooks and crannies, leaving skin glowing and smooth and ‘prepped’ for the serums and moisture surges that skin needs as we ramp up the heating.

Better still? Put Gaia at Boringdon Hall on your spa bucket list, book in for a signature facial – and enjoy Gaia Naturally Face Exfoliator in (gorgeous) situ.

£35 for 60 g – buy here