PRAI Ageless Throat & Décolletage Night Creme


Since this neck cream hit the shelves of M&S, we’re reliably informed that it has gone on to become their bestselling skincare product (which you can find online here).

And we’re really not surprised. Earlier this year, PRAI asked if Beauty Bible would put their new neck collection through its paces with a larger-than-usual panel of recruits – 30 testers in all – who we recruited via a Facebook shout-out. (NB The youngest tester was 48, the oldest 88, with the majority in their fifties and sixties.) Testers trialled the product for 30 days – approximately one skin cycle – and the results were incredibly impressive.

This soufflé-textured product really impressed. (All the products did, but this and the ‘matching’ PRAI Ageless Throat & Décolletage Serum were the superstars.) We thought this would be a great opportunity to share just a handful of the incredibly positive comments from real women, who trialled the product in real life…

‘This rich crème felt like giving my skin a drink of water. From the first application I noticed a difference in the feel of my skin; after just a few days there was a visible difference as well.'

‘I had never bothered with these type of products before. But after seven days my double chin was not so noticeable. I don't have crêpiness or many lines - even though my throat is old! – But longer term, my neck is definitely smoother and the appearance of neck and décolletage improved.'

‘Prior to this trial I was just using my normal facial moisturiser on my neck. I would also take my body moisturiser over the area as well. My neck certainly feels more nourished and my “necklace lines” do look reduced, which is a fantastic result.'

‘I've seen a definite improvement on my neck - the 'fat creases' are less evident and my neck and décolletage are so much more smooth and supple. I definitely think it’s taken years off!'

‘I love this soft cream, which does exactly what it says it will. I have already been shopping for more. After seven days, my neck did not look as saggy as usual and crêpiness was definitely reduced. At cut off point, neck and décolletage look much smoother and more toned. I have never come across a cream that does exactly what it says it will and in such a short amount of time. I never used a neck/décolletage product before, as I never considered they would do anything different to regular moisturiser.’

Really, there’s nothing more that we can add. The comments above speak for themselves…! A special trial – and clearly, a very special product.

£35 for 50ml – buy here