What price optimal health and wellbeing?

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The 2-day Health Optimisation Summit at Olympia on September 14th/15th could be the best investment you make this year and Beauty Bible readers are eligible for a 20% discount on the cost of tickets.

With the world in a state of constant confusion – most of it impossible for us to influence - many people (us included) think our best option is to focus on caring for our own health.

And that means taking positive steps to look after our mind, body and environment, in order to feel at our individual peak and to prevent illness.

This two-day bio-hacking* and preventive health care summit provides all the information you need, delivered by world class experts, scientists and pioneers, many of whom challenge conventional medicine with cutting edge research. 

(*If you’re not entirely certain what ‘bio-hacking’ means, it’s basically making lifestyle shifts – often quite simple – that lead to changes in your body so you feel your best ever.)

Speakers include luminaries like Dave Asprey (the father of bio-hacking), Dr Harry Adelson (expert on full body stem cells), Aubrey de Gray (longevity), Professor Gerald Pollack (4th phase of water), Dr. Nasha Winters (integrative oncology), Dr. Mark Atkinson (flow state and psychology), and John Gray (the author of Men are from Mars, Women from Venus on community, relationships and hormone optimisation). 

The line-up of topics includes:

•  Mind: Psychological Health and Flow; Brain Training; Neurofeedback; Psychedelics; Mindfulness; Meditation; Nootropics.

•  Body: Gut and Liver; Sleep and Circadian Rhythms; Stem Cell Therapy; Heavy Metal and Toxicities; Nutrition and Diets; Sexual Health, Fertility and Hormones; Genetics; Physical Performance, Movement and Body Composition; Oral and Dental Health.

·  Environment: Epigenetics; Air, Oxygen and Breathing; Light; EMF; Mould, Water and Hydration; Nature; Cold Thermogenesis; Agricultural, Environmental and Food Chain Sustainability. 

The Expo Hall at Olympia in West London will be stacked with interesting and innovative brands and products to discover and try.

Now the fly in the ointment! As we said at the top of this article, attending the summit is an investment. The usual ticket price for the two-day Health Optimisation Summit is £499 but - thanks to the organisers - Beauty Bible readers are eligible for 20% discount, making each ticket £399.20.

Still a lot but if you can fit it in your personal (or perhaps corporate) budget, it really does sound as if it’s worth it.

To buy a ticket or find out more about the event, click here