Pommade Divine (in a tube)


Struggling with New Year sniffles? There’s a lot of it about. One of the least pleasant after-effects, though, is what we unalluringly refer to as ‘nasal dandruff’, or the flaky soreness that often follows when we’ve been blowing our noses a lot, resulting in dry, cracked and peeling nose skin.

Our favourite protector for avoiding this is Pommade Divine, a 97% natural remedy that’s been around – oh, for forever. (Well, since 1800, anyway.) It’s a total multi-tasker – great for chapped lips and hands, for dry and itchy skin, cuticle care, rhino hoof heels – but for us it comes into its own when we’re mid-cold or flu.

Slather the formula around the nostril area several times a day for the most amazing anti-inflammatory, healing effect.

Even better, it now comes in a cute 30ml tube – much more practical for slinging in your handbag for on-the-go slathering than the (albeit beautiful) original jar.

£14 for 30ml – buy here