Chanel Body Massage Oils


Who doesn’t love a massage…? (Well, we know the occasional person who’d rather not submit to the de-kinking touch of an expert, but they’re few and far between.)

Now: imagine instead of the usual massage oil, you were bathed in these sensational, sensorially sublime creations…? In a skin-softening base of sunflower, there are four oils in all, powered by May rose, exotic frankincense, in L’Huile Orient – one of the most grounding and soothing oils on the planet – jasmine (beyond divine) and vanilla. If you had more than one, of course, you could custom-blend. Rose and jasmine would be positively celestial, or imagine adding a whisper of vanilla to the frankincense…

These very, very, VERY exclusive Chanel oils were until now the preserve of clients at The Ritz, in Paris, where they were created for the spa. Now they’ve been launched (exclusively on Chanel’s own site) for those on an albeit extravagant budget, for ‘self-anointing’.

In fact, they require an entire savings fund of their own – but at this time of year, there’s always hope that someone might, for once, get the perfect present – and these are certainly that.

Or that Friday’s lottery ticket might, just might, come good.

£172 for 250 ml – buy here