Stila Custom Color Blush (Self-Adjusting Bronze)

File this under 'magic'. We're not sure why it works - but it delivers on its promise.

They tell us, actually, that Stila Custom Color Blush reacts with the skin's pH - and the results with this luminous finish one-shade-fits-all innovation are certainly completely individual and personal.

So get over the fact it looks like Self-Adjusting Bronze looks like Just Another Bronzer, in the palette.  Because it's so NOT:  swirl onto cheeks with a big, fluffy blush and magically the colour mutates to your perfect just-flushed glow.  A touch sun-kissed, for sure, but with the absolute perfect rosy glow, at the same time.

Very becoming indeed.

There are already two other options in the range - Self-Adjusting Coral and Self-Adjusting Pink - which are variations on this.

Try any of the three - and hey, presto!  Cheeks are perfectly, luminously flushed.

Just like that!

UK readers find Stila Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Bronze/£13 at - just click here US readers find it at$20 - just click here