Aveda Stress Fix™

Aveda's 'nose' retired, recently.  He's the man responsible for making everything Aveda smell - well, unmistakably Aveda-esque. Now, we love that scent as much as the next woman.  But here's the thing:  we love the smell of this new range even more, with its soothing essential oils of lavandin, clary sage and French lavender.  (From organic farms.  In fact, the whole Stress Fix™ range is certified organic, by Ecocert.)  According to Aveda, the aroma's clinically-proven to relieve feelings of stress.

It certainly works its magic on us - and our favourite ways to enjoy the range are the fab bath mineral bath Soaking Salts - be generous! - and the the dinky Stress Fix™ Concentrate, which is a new handbag must-have, in our lives.

Road rage?  Lack of sleep?  Just plain furious at the flaming (or rather, non-flaming) weather?

Take a deep, calming breath.  Aand whatever stress you're feeling, this really is a 'fix'.

UK readers find Aveda Stress Fix™/£21 for the 7 ml Stress Fix™ Concentrate and £29 for 454 gStress Fix™ Soaking Salts -  click here to find them

US readers find the products at www.aveda.com/$22 for Stress Fix™ Concentrate and $40 for 16 oz Stress Fix™ Soaking Salts - click here to find them