Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

Thanks to this face oil, we've put on a couple of kilos around the middle.  (At least.) But don't worry:  it's not going to happen to you.  It's simply that when Clarins sent out a press kit to remind beauty editors of some oldies-but-goodies in their range, they packed them in a hamper with macarons, biscuits, madeleines and other sweeties.  (Oh, and manuka honey, which kind of qualifies as healthy and healing, but is still calorific.)

Their press office's evil plan definitely worked:  we were totally inspired to explore once more some classics in this range.  And Jo was particularly pleased to re-encounter this - the first facial oil she ever tried, oh, about 30 years back.  (Clarins was the first brand to introduce facial oils to the UK, though Frenchwomen had long sworn by their skin-saving powers.)

What we're really in raptures about with Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, though, is the nostalgic smell.  You can't often say this about a facial oil, but if you love Shalimar (we do), you'll love this, with its sweet powdery notes of blue orchid, patchouli and rosewood oil.

There's a portfolio of oils in the range, but this is the one that's good for faces like ours:  dehydrated and in need of plumping, which it duly does with lashings of hazelnut oil.

If you're not on Clarins's press list, that's the only plumping action it'll have.

But trust us:  in facial oil terms, it definitely takes the biscuit.

UK readers find Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil/£29 for 30 ml - click here US readers find it at$50 - click here