Organic Savanna


A wee while ago, Beauty Bible met up with a dynamic and impressive young man – Luke Kincaid – who’s doing some incredible things to change the world, in Africa.

Organic Savanna – an exciting, all-natural skincare line powered by East African botanicals – is how he’s doing it.

On their community farm in Kenya, Organic Savanna produce aloe vera-based products which create jobs for women and fund education at the Karibu Centre, and in the surrounding community. So far, over 75 jobs have been created, 1,000 children are being educated (at daycare, pre-school, coding and tech clubs and drama club), while life skills are being shared with parents, preparing them for employment, training them to keep tidy finances, or get ready for other jobs.

But it’s not enough to have a good heart, in the beauty business. We’ve seen many a well-intentioned brand flounder on those business rocks.  So we can report: he aloe vera and other native African ingredients like baobab oil and shea butter are transformed into truly beautiful products.

Organic Savanna is quirkily packaged – in a good way. The Aloe Vera & Avocado Soap ($10) is incredibly painstakingly wrapped in brown paper (see below), while the sets of Lip Balms, for instance (which are among the nicest lip balms we’ve ever slicked our lips with, and went STRAIGHT into the handbag when we met up), are wrapped in African fabrics and hand-tied. There’s a Soy & Eucalyptus Candle – and a Hand Wash and Lotion set, coming soon.

It smells fab. It looks good. It DOES good. And it makes us really excited about the future of beauty.

From $10 – buy here

NB Although prices are currently in dollars, Organic Savanna do ship to the UK.