Benecos Vegan Beauty Tools

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.37.17.png

Fact: vegan make-up brushes have had a tendency to look ‘worthy’, with bamboo or wooden handles that look like they were maybe fashioned from sauna off-cuts. (Yup. Even the ones from Benecos, the brand we’re featuring here.)

But this NEW Benecos brush collection changes all that – and would put a smile on the face of every beauty-hound, for all sorts of reasons.

First off, the brushes themselves – which are especially good for creamy textures like blusher, foundation, concealer and cream shadows (those never work well on real hair brushes), but also fine for powders.

Secondly, they’re brilliant for helping you pull just the brush you need out of a make-up bag (pink for blusher, say) without having to rummage around too much or tip the lot out. It’s super-easy to see what you need.

And last but not least, they’re going to cheer up even the gloomiest morning with their zingy colours.

And we’re gonna need that in the next few months.

From £5.95-12.95 – buy here