NEOM Organics Multi Mineral Bath Salts


It’s a wonder we ever get out of the bath, actually, with all the fab bath treats that are coming onto the shelves. But this is a lovely and welcome addition to NEOM’s collection, joining their existing line-up of bath oils. (No law that says you can’t use both, of course.)

A chunky jar of aromatherapeutic salts, as the name suggests these contain 84 minerals – including potassium, calcium, zinc, chloride, magnesium and iron – that are needed for daily health and wellbeing, so you can literally remineralise as you soak. (And to think that doctors used to tell us: ‘The skin’s like a raincoat; nothing is absorbed.’ How wrong were they???)

The Himalayan pink salt is lightly coated with jojoba and safflower oils, which work to soften the water – and the scents are just sublime. The first of the two is Perfect Night’s Sleep, infused with English lavender, jasmine and sweet basil, plus valerian, passion flower and hop extracts. Frankly, though, we got equally good, sleep-beckoning results from the Real Luxury Multi Mineral Bath Salts option, infused with NEOM’s blend of jasmine, lavender, rosewood and more. Just follow your nose, we say, when choosing.

Definitely not your granny’s bath salts. (And of course, a great gift.)

£38 for 450 g – buy here