Olverum Body Oils


Well, this is just the BIGGEST news.

The first innovations from Olverum since forever, in the form of not one but TWO fabulous body oils.

Originally launched in Germany in 1931 (and recently enjoying a sprauncy makeover for the 21st Century), this Beauty Bible Award-winning bath oil is a blend of incredibly therapeutic oils – originally formulated in Germany – which is especially wonderful in winter, with its invigorating blend of outdoorsy Siberian fir needle, lavandin, lemon, rosemary, juniper, geramium, lavender and more.

But Olverum’s original, somewhat camphoraceous and intense smell isn’t something you’d necessarily want to waft around smelling of all day. So cleverly, these body oils take the spirit of the bath oil and turn it into something that’s not only fabulously skin-nourishing and while still aromatic, is much subtler, incorporating notes of uplifting bergamot, grounding frankincense and sandalwood (and more).

There are two blends, actually. The Body Oil is packed with collagen-boosting Alaraia esculenta and antioxidant-rich raspberry seed oil, and perfect for thirsty autumnal/winter skins. The Dry Body Oil is dispensed via a super-fine mist – more lightweight, for those who want to spritz-and-go, pretty much, absorbing in a flash.

We happen to know that Olverum have been asked for years to create something that enables us to enjoy the scent of their unique oil, away from the bathroom.

And we’re pleased to say: these were worth the wait.

The Body Oil/£40 for 100 ml – buy here

The Dry Body Oil/£36 for 100 ml – buy here