Neal's Yard Remedies to Roll (Meditation)


We are big on meditation. In fact, we don't know how we'd get done all that we have to do each day without a few minutes of slow breathing and meditation, first thing, or when we first hit our desks. (That's a pretty good time, actually. Our tip is to clear the desk – or better still, clear it the previous night before leaving the office – and spend a few minutes with your feet on the ground, spine straight, meditating. (This is easier for us since – like many of our readers – we work at home, but noise-cancelling haadphones can block out the world, if you're in a shared office.)

Neal's Yard Remedies just added the Meditation blend to their Remedies to Roll line-up, which is helping the grounding, centreing process. Blended by their clever Director of Natural Health, Susan Curtis, it's a fusion of 10 essential oils including frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver, mandarin, copaiba balsam and black pepper. 

Apply to palms, rub together and cup over your nose for a few deep, calming breaths. And if stress boomerangs back, later on? Simply repeat, to bring you back to a less frazzled place, super-fast.

£8 – buy here