M&S Pure Nourishing Face Mask

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Any minute now, we’re expecting a dry skin emergency to sweep the nation. It’s been literally impossible – save closeting yourself in a cave or bunker – to avoid sun exposure, this summer. Even with an SPF50, we’ve gone really, really, really brown.

All of which is well and good when you’re still out there – but a few days back at work, indoors, and the havoc wreaked by UV light becomes apparent. In an indoor environment, skin starts to get really dry and papery. Which is where this most replenishing of face masks comes in – the drink that complexions need, right now, along with a ton of much-needed nourishment.

M&S Pure Nourishing Face Mask is as rich and creamy as it gets. It’s fuelled by glycerine, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, oat kernel ol and blackcurrant seed oil. We’ve been slathering a really generous layer – entirely possible, since it’s really very good value – onto skin and neck for 10 minutes, every other night. The plumping and replenishing action is honestly visible.

There are virtually no synthetics in this (it’s from M&S’s most natural range). We also like the fact that with its metal tube, there’s literally no waste because (like a toothpaste tube), you can squeeze out every last atom.

We’ll be doing just that, now that the sun is setting on this most extraordinary of summers.

£12 for 75 ml – buy here