L’Oréal Age Perfect Colour Care Toner

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We love seeing older women – sometimes eightysomething or ninetysomething – with crazy-coloured hair. Not blue rinses, but pinks, or turquoises, or even green. Why the heck not?

Maybe one day we’ll try it ourselves. (If we were sure we’d look as pretty as our make-up artist friend Mary Greenwell, with her pink hair, we’d probably do it in a flash.)

But if you’re grey-haired and not quite brave enough for that, there are ways to add a lift to your grey – and this, from L’Oréal, is a great one.

It adds a wash of colour to grey, while also delivering a seriously deep-conditioning boost – and lasts 2-10 shampoos. (A clarifying-type shampoo will strip it out sooner.)

You can add touch of golden blonde or light blonde, a steelier grey or even chestnut – and if you click here, you get a good idea of how the shade will look, depending on how much grey you already have.

Unlike so many hair colourants there’s no mess, no fuss – you just use this rich ‘hair toner’ like a hair mask (wear gloves to apply), leaving it on for 10 minutes.

While staring at #Instgrams of stylish older women with kooky-coloured hair, and having a debate with your inner self.

£7.99 – buy here