Moods2Go USB aromatherapy diffusers


We stumbled across these at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Expo and immediately thought: ‘WHAT A STROKE OF GENIUS!!!!’

Now, we love an aromatherapy diffuser. The steam-y ones are great, helping to turn a dry office environment into a skin-friendly, moist atmosphere. But they’re not always portable (they have a big footprint), nor practical: they’re annoying to move around. But something that plugs into your laptop USB port? How perfect is that.  

Lisa Flanagan is a mumpreneur from Ireland, with a love of innovation. She’s come up with this clever plug-in diffuser, Moods2Go, formulating several different blends to use in combination with. Choose from Calm (we’ll have some of that today, please), Uplifting and Focus.

Focus uses peppermint to relieve tension and recharge your brain – better than a mid-afternoon cappuccino for dealing with the slumps. Uplift takes 100% sweet natural orange – one fo the cheeriest scents we know – while Calm is based on lavender.  (If you’ve got more than one USB socket, you could blend Calm and Focus, for instance. We’ll definitely be giving that a try!

We don’t know why a Holland & Barrett hasn’t picked these up to sell, yet – but for now you need to order direct from Lisa’s website, below.

And do! This is such a great gizmo!

15 euros each (refills 6 euros) – buy here