Listen out for a new series of Liz Earle's wellbeing podcast

Liz - podcasting - CREDIT Georgia Glynn Smith.jpg

As if she isn’t busy enough, our friend Liz Earle recently launched the latest series of her wellbeing podcast – and it’s a riveting listen. (We’re pretty much addicted to podcasts, BTW, but this is particularly great.)

The new 10-week series of this weekly podcast provides insights into all things healthy, including the latest wellbeing and beauty updates, what to eat, how to live - and, usefully, how to spot a gem of wellbeing wisdom from a passing fad.

Listen out for inteviewees including Dale Pinnock, the medicinal chef who shares his unique and inspiring approach to healthy cooking, Deborah James (or ‘Bowel Babe’) – she’s the inspirational author of F*** U Cancer, naturopath and author of the bestselling The Good Stuff, Lucinda Miller, who’ll be sharing ingenious foodie ideas for children, along with Dr. Hannah Short talking early-onset menopause.

Wellness with Liz Earle is available on iTunes and Stitcher – and we can’t recommend too highly that you just go right ahead and subscribe!

Find it here on iTunes.

Photo by Georgia Glynn Smith