Beauty Clinic: Make-up for a red nose


Q. I am looking for make up to camouflage my very red nose but not look like a mask on the rest of my face. I wonder if you could also recommend a cleanser and moisturiser for my sensitive complexion: I have dry cheeks and forehead with my chin prone to hormonal spots – and also my red nose, of course... A. For make up, we recommend you try Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer/£25.  You can build this up on your nose (easiest to apply with a foundation brush we find) and just use a light coverage on the rest of your face.  It is really brilliant.  It comes in 28 shades from very fair to dark so you should be able to find a shade to suit your individual skin tone.

For skincare Trilogy's Very Gentle range would definitely be worth you considering.  Trilogy is a natural brand, originally from New Zealand, based on certified organic rosehip oil.  We have always been delighted with the results. The capsule collection of products for sensitive skin consists of Very Gentle Cleansing Cream/£22.50 for 150ml from amazon, Very Gentle Calming Serum/£28.50 for 30 ml, and Very Gentle Moisturising Cream/£24.50 for 50ml.

Alternatively, Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash/£16 for 125 ml, is formulated for combination skin. It is free of potentially irritating sulphates and won’t strip skin of natural oils so it is helpful for balancing both oiliness and dryness, as you say you have both. The brand also offers Balancing Face Moisturiser/£24 for 50 ml, which is formulated for combination/oily and spot-prone skin.