Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss


You know when Chanel launch 24 shades of lip gloss that this lip finish is BACK with a bang. Unlike lipglosses of yore, though, you can hardly feel you’ve got these on. They’re weightless and nourishing, while delivering a slick of gorgeous colour. Our favourites? Brilliant plum 764 Confusion, 766 Caractère (a rich burgundy), and 722 Épique, a ‘chocolate red’ (and it is). As spring approaches, we’ll probably move away from the deep tones up the color spectrum towards pinks and rosewood.

Cleverly, inspired by in-house make-up artist Lucia Pica who likes to ‘layer’ product, there are three of what we’d call ‘switchers’ – shades which work to transform a lipstick or another of the glosses, giving a different finish/tone.

774 Excitation is a beautiful sparkling gold, which Jo used on a winter sun break recently to make her lipstick beach-perfect. (She is a beauty editor. Of course she wears lipstick on the beach.) 776 Impulsion is a translucent neon orange, to pep up other colours and deliver radiance, while the very scary-looking 778 Caviar – truly, black in the tube – goes on sheer to deepen any shade, for a touch more mystery. (You’ve got to trust us here because nobody who isn’t a Goth might pick this up on counter without being forewarned.)

Alongside plumping oligopeptides. the glosses all feature lip-friendly blend of jojoba, sunflower and mimosa wax that ensures this new generation of glosses isn’t just glamorous, but comfy.

And how modern is that?

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