Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Roll-on Maske


The absolute, top, most-effective way to de-puff a face is with cold metal. Fact.

It can be a teaspoon, used to smooth away puffiness from under eyes. A silver ‘drumstick’ spatula, like the one that comes with Crème de la Mer’s eye creams, which we use for all eye products.

Or a roller-style metal dispenser like this, which you’ll find at the tip of Nuxe’s tube of radiance-boosting mask.

It contains ingredients known as ‘saffron and bougainvillea bi-floral cells’ – but we know what you really want to know is: what results does it deliver.

So, glide it on to face (first switching applicator to ‘on’ position, which had us baffled for a while!) working upwards from neck and décolletage. We like to switch it to ‘off’ and glide back and forth along the cheekbones and jaw-line for extra fluid dispersal. Frankly, the longer you massage, the more glow-y you’re going to look. (All the while, you will be enjoying the light scent of orange blossom, raspberry and sandalwood.)

10 minutes later, remove it with a cotton pad (or we prefer a muslin cloth). (Alternatively, allow to sink in overnight as a sleeping mask.

Et voilà! Truly radiant skin and a de-puffed face – which makes this our kinda beauty booster.

Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Roll-on Maske/£37 for 50 ml at