Lush Vegan Brushes


Something very interesting is happening to Lush. Suddenly, their capture of the sustainability/eco/vegan high ground means they’re catching the attention of seriously high profile beauty editors and commanding a second glance from folk who couldn’t see (or smell) beyond the bath bomb.

From post-consumer waste packaging (which is almost entirely recyclable) through to make-up sold without packaging at all (a first), refillable lipsticks, shampoo bars (to avoid the energy cost of shipping the water that’s in shampoo) and more, more, more, Lush have quite a tale to tell. You might want to read their environmental policy here. In fact, we recommend it.

Well, we’ve long championed this brand (since way before it became suddenly ‘fashionable’), and this is the latest in quite a line of Beauty Bible Loves finds.

Emphasis on ‘finds’, plural, because this is a complete collection of really high quality vegan (ergo cruelty-free) brushes. We nipped into a Lush on Oxford Street to play with them for ourselves – and they’re really very premium. The best vegan brushes we’ve yet tried, in fact, offering super-soft textures with great pay-off. 

Now for the technical stuff: handles are made from recyclable aluminium or sustainably-sourced wood with a cellulose-based lacquer, and even a vegan glue to secure the brush hairs.

Every brush need is answered, from the finest ‘detail’ brush (for instance for applying liner) through to the big, fat, fluffy domed brush glorying in the name ‘People Powder’. We especially liked the concealer and foundation brushes, which interact just brilliantly with creamy textures. 

And for pros (or the truly committed vegan), there’s even a Brush Wrap complete with 13 brushes – pictured below and available here – offering everything you need for planet-friendly, animal-friendly flawlessness. 

From £7.50-32 – buy here