Rahua Smoothing Balm


 We have been looking for a truly great hair wax-type product ever since John Frieda stopped making Spun Gold Wax. Well, this isn’t quite a wax – a little lighter in texture – but it’s absolutely great at giving us that slightly choppy, broken up look that we still cling to because, well, it just WORKS… (Hilariously, last time we looked, Spun Gold was going for £270 on eBay! Which says a LOT.)

Rahua Smoothing Hair Balm is also frizz-busting and sleeking – and more than that, a little playtime with this product has revealed that it does double-duty as a cuticle and heel-smoother, as well as a brow-groomer. More of a multi-purpose balm, really. (We leave it to you to conduct your own experiments.)

What’s really hooked us, though, is the utterly wonderful smell. The blend is 100% natural (sunflower, coconut, rapeseed, Sacha Inchi oils and cocoa butter feataure), but it’s infused with generous quantities of gardenia enfleurage which make for highly pleasurable application.

So if our hair’s looking even choppier than ever, that’ll be why.

£26.50 for 17g ­– buy here