#LushKitchen Shower Gels

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We love a bit of crowdsourcing. And although he's definitely never short of a brainwave or two, we love that Lush's Co-Founder and Product Inventor Mark Constantine sourced the recommendations for Lush's latest bodycare range from real-life Lush-lovers via Instagram.

'I was just thinking, if you could choose a new liquid shower gel what would you like?' The result is seven 'self-preserving' shower gels, available exclusively from uk.lush.com. Each of the Community Products will be limited edition and 'cooked up' (in the Lush Kitchen) in small batches.

Wordsmiths that we are (or like to think of ourselves as), we really can't do better than Lush's own descriptions (which are things of great joy, as far as we're concerned).

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Grass Shower Gel 'For lovers of all things green and those who crave balmy summer days. Fresh wheatgrass juice gently cleanses and refreshes skin while joy-inducing neroli oil brings the sunshine to your day. Stress-relieving sandalwood and bergamot oils dance on an uplifting breeze as verdant lathers emanate a wonderfully green, warming scent evoking memories of sunny days, daisy chains, and grass-stained knees.'

American Cream Shower Gel 'Cleansing fresh strawberries and uplifting fresh orange juice go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, smell fresh forever as shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom. If you're into cat-eye glasses, rock 'n' roll and milkshakes with whipped cream and lashings of strawberry sauce, this shower gel will be sure to tickle your fancy. You won't be stranded at the drive-in after washing with sweet vanilla absolute and a second helping of tempting, warming benzoin will ensure you're not branded a fool. Moreish lathers topped off with softening carrageenan extract and herbal clary sage means you'll be left hopelessly devoted to this shower gel. This is the one that you want.'

Flying Fox Shower Gel 'Get your paws on this. Bring out your inner vixen with sexy ylang ylang while cypress and palmarosa clear your thoughts ensuring you're only thinking about one thing. Exotic jasmine absolute gets you lathered up in sultry suds, restoring you to your foxy self. Hungarian, Greek, and English honey glide across the skin, moisturising, softening and leaving skin carressably soft. So slip into something a little more comfortable and dim the lights, there'll only be one thing on your mind after these languid lathers.'

Calacas Shower Gel (um, and no, we don't know what 'Calacas' means, either.) 'Who says you need to be alive to be the life and soul of the party? A hallowed shower with reviving lime and uplifting neroli lathers will rouse your senses back into the mortal realm. Just one encounter of the gel kind will leave your spine tingling (that'll be the cooling aloe vera) and skin smelling like sweet jelly beans.'

Karma Shower Gel  Evoke positive thoughts as you lather up with citrusy, fresh lemongrass and cleansing witch hazel extract. A cosmic order of soothing chamomile and lavandin oils coat your aura in calm. The warm, spicy aroma of balancing elemi blends with earthy patchouli and zesty orange oils to round off this grounding cleanse. Good karma is found in your shower.'

Sultana Shower Gel  'There is no magic solution to life's problems, but a shower gel to help calm and soothe worries comes pretty close. Like a warm hug from a loved one at the end of the day, let the spicy, comforting scent of olibanum put the world to rights as reassuring bergamot oil wraps around you, the scent staying with you long after you leave the bathroom. Carrageenan extract lends itself to these thick, creamy lathers, softening the skin while a fruity topping of apricot and currant infusion adds to the rich lingering fragrance.'

Avocado Wash Shower Gel  'Holy guacamole! Avocados are well known for their benefits on the skin and this shower gel filled with conditioning and softening fresh organic avocado and avocado oil is the best of the punnet. Get that feel-good Friday feeling all week long with uplifting bergamot and refreshing litsea cubeba oil as olibanum comforts and reassures you that the weekend is only a few washes away. Avocados may have a short shelf life but you don't have to worry about that with these self-preserving lathers, the juicy, sweet and familiar scent lingering long after you leave the bathroom.'

£11.95-14.95 for 250 g – buy here