Look Fabulous Forever No Shimmer Eye Shade Trio

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.01.54.png

Once you're 'of a certain age', shimmer's scary. Apply it in the wrong places, and it will accentuate any lines and wrinkles. 

Finding flattering matte shades, however – which are silky without being shiny – isn't a breeze.

So: we were already converts to Look Fabulous Forever's No Shimmer Eye Shades – but we didn't need any convincing to start using this palette, which features three matte shades: an ivory for the brow, a taupe-y tone for socket, and a deep chocolate for eye-lining and deeper shading. Pretty goof-proof, if you follow those guidelines. (It's available for 'warm' and 'cool' skintones, but we think this palette does for both. Blue eyeshadow's tough to pull off at any age.)

From the collection created by Tricia Cusden, a seventysomething role model whose 7 Secrets of Wellbeing you can read here, it's tried and tested on women facing the skincare and make-up challenges of – shall we say? – maturity. 

Can we add: it also looks gloriously like a good old-fashioned Neapolitan ice cream. And if you're old enough to remember those, you almost certainly need this.

£25 – buy here