7 Secrets of wellbeing: radio dynamo Jo Good


There's nobody we'd rather be interviewed on radio by than Jo Good. She's clever, she's funny, she loves-loves-loves fragrance and beauty – and it's no wonder that Radio London listeners have taken her to their heart.

She's also (and she won't mind us saying this) not twentysomething any more, so what Jo has to say about health and beauty is highly relevant to our more 'mature' readers. (And to us. We're not twentysomething any more, either!) Actually, we can't quite believe it, but Jo's actually 63 – and alongside being a radio presenter is a blogger and yoga enthusiast.

It is a great fit, then, that Jo has been chosen as one of the ambassadors for Look Fabulous Forever – the brand founded by Tricia Cusden (read more about her here) and daughters. All of which gave us a great excuse to ask Jo for her '7 secrets' – the tips that keep her looking and feeling great. 

Daily yoga practice. I treat my yoga centre like a church. It’s not just the practice that’s important to me but to be in a space where only yoga takes place (not a gym). Shoes removed at the door, and silence prevails. I have practiced yoga for most of my life, my mother was a teacher and I have studied Iyengar yoga both here and in India. It truly keeps my head together and is the only time I truly concentrate. I practice at 7.30 every morning in Lisson Grove, London.

My dog. She is a British bulldog called Matilda. I have never wanted children and have avoided all responsibilities; however, she requires a certain amount of nurturing. I take her with me everywhere and she is the perfect companion. We stay in hotels together and when I travel solo (more often than not) I’m viewed with less suspicion with a dog by my side. I've read that dog owners live longer due to the amount of walks and also the 'feel-good factor' of stroking a dog. I also have a whole set of dog owner friends... we only meet in Regents Park... None of us know or care what each other does for a living, but we know the character of each of our dogs! 

Weekend breaks in the UK. I’m not fond of long holidays. I get restless and bored and I miss London. Also flying is such a bore with all the extra security and recycled cabin air. So, I take short weekend breaks in UK. I love a wonderful country house spa in Climping, or I will drive to the North Coast of Norfolk. I have generous friends such as Julian Clary who invite me to their country houses and most of them have dogs. Two days are just enough and then I’m chomping to get back to the Metropolis and to my radio show to let rip about everything I've experienced over the weekend.

A good skincare regime. This has taken me many years to sort. I now use serums and layer them on morning and night. I was one of the foolhardy who toasted myself during my youth and working in the Middle and Far East as an actress, without sunblock, has left me with brown spots.

     I don’t like covering with thick base as I try to keep my look natural but use concealer and highlighter to 'assist' my ready to face the world look. The concealer I use is Look Fabulous Forever Cover to Cover concealer. It literally does what it says on the packet. It’s very light so doesn't exaggerate blemishes but just disguises them. It also, thank heavens, has a mirror in the compact so I can quickly re do anywhere at the end of the day..in a matter of seconds. 

     I use it under my eyes with just a dab of Look Fabulous Forever Instant Bright Highlight. This highlighter actually moisturises and hides my fine lines instead of settling in them and looking dry. A bit of blush, and that’s my way of looking as though nature has done it all! 

Cutting my long hair. My long blonde hair was my trademark as an actress. This is the first time I have had it cut into a bob. I should have done it years ago; it's far easier to keep in order – in good condition, right length and colour, because I’m having it cut every six weeks. Tricia Cusden from Look Fabulous Forever once told me the secret of looking groomed 'was a good hair cut' and I literally had my mane cut the following week. I will always colour – I really don’t have the confidence to go grey, and I sleep in hair masks. I also no longer swim in pools for fear the chlorine will turn my very expensive highlights green.

Making the most of my eyebrows. This may sound dramatic; however, finding a way to define my brows has actually changed the shape of my face. I’m 63 and very fair so my eyebrows are hardly noticeable and getting sparser. The very first products I ever purchased for Look Fabulous Forever was the coral lipstick (perfect any season) and the Bring Back Brow Shape. This actually paints the fine hair on the brows instead of pencilling them in, so it’s a far more natural look. The harsh brow is great for kids but I want my face to look as though nature has played a role! This brow product is foolproof; I would never return to pencil or brow powder. It's genius.

Coffee is my vice! I don’t drink alcohol but I’m addicted to good coffee. It’s the one thing I have to have the moment I wake up. Apparently, smoothie and juices are best first thing in the morning – but for me it’s good black coffee. I’m so spoiled in Marylebone as there are many independent coffee shops that make far better coffee than I can at home. I never drink it after lunchtime, but I can drink three or four cups in a morning. Blue Mountain is my favourite. The Monmouth Coffee house in Covent Garden, where they give you individual china filters and you drink it in wooden booths, is a fave; I have been going there since the 70's. But I often seek out the original Italian espresso machines in the coffee bars in Soho; they taste unique. I honestly could not even speak in the morning until I have had coffee. It’s my greatest vice. 

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