Fab Find of the Week: Jonathan Ward candle collection


Now, we love a scented candle. But we're increasingly worried about indoor pollution – and watching candles smoulder, smoke and sputter, have begun (like many people) to fret about the impact on our health.

So when we heard that British candle maker Jonathan Ward was launching a range of 'clean-burn' scented candles, we got out the trumpets for a fanfare. He's pioneered a new technique which enables candles to burn cleanly for long periods, developing a clever technique called 'continuous burn'. The wax turns amber and crystal-clear and the candle can burn for hours and hours, filling the room with its scent – and absolutely no indoor pollution.

Beyond that – and of course this also matters – the candles in ‘The Scent of Time’ collection smell downright divine. Romantically inspired, with names like Carmen, Roscuro, Mystigris and Kartushya, there's a story behind each of the eight 'Scent of Time' candles (read them on the website), but here's a taster from one of our favourites, The Gypsy:

'Crackle of campfire and a petticoat ruffle. It was late but spirit had just been warmed. Brazen kiss and playful push... Bold and brash, this floral takes shape with a carefree world spirit; a floral citizen of the world, you might say. Sensual, deep and teeming with cheek. Heart-like notes of tuberose, jasmine and violet are wrapped in a gypsy kiss. Bergamot, cedar and amber breathe around the heart notes culminating in a deep floral that is delivered lightly.'

One last plus? The candles are housed in fluted Double Old Fashioned whiskey tumblers from Italy which can be repurposed for drinks afterwards. We intend to build up quite a cocktail party's worth, in the coming months.

£40 each - buy here


Photo above: Stephan Matthews