Joji Natural skincare


This is yet another of the fab brands that we first encountered at last year’s Indie Beauty Show, a treasure trove of fabulousness that was held at Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery.

Joji takes its name from the founder/maker of this range, which was literally born at her kitchen table. As Joanne Mortensen recalls: ‘In something like 2010, a bunch of friends descended on my kitchen for a maker session. We were creating all sorts of home-made products and I had a particular interest in eliminating the toxins I put on my body.’

As she continues, ‘Several courses and kitchen creations later, Joji was born – and I hope you like her.’

Well, we do. And three of the small-batch, hand-made products in particular stand out – a great intro to the range if you’d like to shop for them via her website (below), which links to her Etsy store. (For now, that’s the only outlet – unless you happen to be at one of the fairs or markets around London and the South East where Joji’s wares can be found. (For locations, click here.)

Neroli Oil Cleanser/£17 for 50ml. Just exquisitely-scented and really great at cleansing away make-up (though as with any cleansing oil,we wouldn’t use too close to the eyes). Massage into face and neck and breathe the beautiful white floral essential oil, balanced by patchouli and lavender, before removing with a warm, damp cloth. Gorgeous.

Hydrate Moisturiser/from £10.50 for 30ml. As patchouli-lovers, we adore this, packed with softening, renewing almond, cocoa and thistle extracts, scented with organic patchouli, bergamot, lavender and black pepper. Luscious, but sinks in well.

Invigorating Body Oil/£15 for 50ml. A wonderfully peppy body oil, featuring rosemary and (not-at-all-toothpaste-y) peppermint essential oils, in a skin-friendly jojoba base.

A name to watch.