Bombay Duck All Aboard! make-up bags


Oh, how we love a jolly good spring clean of our make-up kit, at Beauty Bible. Cleaning everything (screen cleaner spray is great for this), throwing out products that have broken or spilled (and mascara that’s older than three months), washing brushes and generally organising, organising, organising.

And as a reward, we might just treat ourselves occasionally to a shiny new bag to stash our make-up in. Another of Jo’s ‘finds’ from Spring Fair 2019, then, was this range of make-up bags from Bombay Duck. Gorgeous, bright, Breton-striped designs, emblazoned with the text ‘Lips & Lashes’ or ‘Make Up’, in a choice of truly cheery colours.

Perhaps we’re easily pleased, but these are just joyous.

£18 each – buy here