John Masters Lip Calms


One of the only ‘organic’ hairdressers in the world, the lovely John Masters is a longstanding pin-up of Beauty Bible’s, for his eco-approach to haircare and beauty – and his original Lip Calm has done fantastically well in trials with our Beauty Bible testers. The news, however, is that John Masters has now added three new ‘flavours’ of Lip Calm to the line-up – and they really are flavours. (Albeit natural ones.) Mint has zing. Raspberry is luscious. But our favourite is the comforting embrace of Vanilla, which wraps lips in the goodness of shea butter and olive, borage, rosehip and jojoba oils, together with protective beeswax (these ingredients are featured in all the balms), and is moreishly scented.

It may not be lip balm ‘season’, exactly, but we carry them year-round: a slick on the lips is just the best base for creating a sheer lip look with a richer tone of lipstick – and these are, in every way, delish.

John Masters Lip Calms/£6 each at