Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Day Cream SPF25


We honestly don't know why there aren't more of this type of cream around: a 'miracle treatment' that addresses different signs of ageing, but also shields skin against future damage with an SPF. (SPF25, in this case, together with protection against UVA and infra-red. With most treatments, you have to layer on an extra product to get the SPF that's so important – but not here. And it makes perfect sense that when skin's properly defended, it can concentrate on repair.

The luscious but not over-rich cream delivers instant radiance and plumpness, and in their own tests, Philosophy established an immediate 73% improvement in skin hydration, while after two weeks, 79% of women reporting improve density and radiance. And get this: after four weeks, 100% of the testers (a panel of 33 women, if you're interested) showed firmer skin, with smaller pores.

It's a real pleasure to use, too – which is also really vital, or there's a risk products will simply gather dust on the shelf.

Interestingly and inexplicably, though, what appears to be the same product is on sale in the US with an SPF30. (Probably something to do with different testing protocols.)

But the bottom line? SPF25 or SPF30: it's a pleasure to see an anti-ageing cream which works to guard against future damage while it sets out to fix lines and wrinkles.

Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Day Cream SPF25/£53 for 60 ml at