Dior Milky Dots


Hallelujah. Half the world’s on holiday, the phones aren’t ringing and even the rate of e-mails pinging into our inboxes has dwindled to a trickle. Maybe nobody loves us – but we prefer to think that they’ve quit town. And we aren’t twiddling our thumbs or tapping our fingers; instead, we’re having a really fun play with this kit, painting our fingertips.

First, you apply the base. Then, with the dotting tool, add little 'polka dots' of colour. As introductions to nail art go, it's not only easy to use, but being Dior, the polishes are great quality and last ages. (And of course, you can always use them singly, if you prefer.)

Milky Dots comes in a few colour combos, but we're loving Plumetis, below: a flattering petal pink, which you can dot with lavender mauve (or vice versa). The vanilla/blue combo is more daring – and there's also a 'tropical' option.

And we think you can definitely get away with 'wacky' nails during the silly season - provided you don't slip too far behind with work, of course.

Dior Milky Dots (shade: Plumetis)/£23.50 at johnlewis.com