Jane Scrivner Bioluronic Buzz Smoothing Hyaluronic Hydrator

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Hyaluronic acid, how do we love thee…? Let us count the ways.

And we sure love this, from natural skincare wizard (we’re not in the market of calling anyone a ‘witch’!), Jane Scrivner. We’ve known Jane for longer than we care to mention – sharing her belief that skin needs good ‘food’ to function properly. And what began almost as a ‘kitchen table’ beauty brand has now evolved into a really impressive range of naturals, including five core products which Jane describes as your skin’s ‘5 a Day’.

Not called smoothing for nothing, this is our favourite so far – delivering a fantastic skin-quenching instant ‘hit’ via a 100% natural, non-synthetic hyaluronic extract which works to boost skin’s moisture levels by holding 1000 times more water in the skin’s top layers.

However, hyaluronic acid isn’t the only wonder ingredient here: white willow extract gently resurfaces skin, aloe vera’s there for its calming powers, and an ingredient known as Spilanthes acmella, a.k.a. ‘toothache plant’; applied topically, it is a natural muscle relaxant, helping to make a face appear rested yet firm.

The scent is what first appealed to us, though – from organic frankincense essential oil, which doesn't just smell good, but has toning, lifting and tightening properties.

And if you’re wondering what that weird slurping noise is, it’s our complexions – happily, so happily getting one of their ‘5 a Day’...

£59 for 135 g – buy here