Jane Iredale GreatShape Contour Kit


Do people who are into natural make-up bother to contour? Isn’t this something for the Kim Kardashian/Kylie Jenner brigade? (Not a look that we can be bothered to recreate…)

Well, the thing about contouring is that it doesn’t have to shriek at you from 20 paces. It can be really subtle. If you’re having your photo taken, for instance, a sweep of darker shadow under a double chin can be amazing. Ditto, a whisper of highlighter is absolutely invaluable for opening up the eyes, on the brow-bone or even at the inner corner of the eye. 

This compact – from mineral make-up pioneer Jane Iredale – also features a blusher, and offers a range of shades: Cool, Warm and Deep. It comes with a useful little how-to brochure of different techniques which is a great intro if you’ve never used contour/highlighter before.

And aside from a touch of silicone, for smoothness, it’s entirely natural.

Which is, as far as we’re concerned, also how you want to look, after highlighting and contouring. (Sorry, Kim and Kylie...)

£45 ­– buy here