Waterproof mascaras aren’t just for high days and holidays. They’re ideal for anyone who suffers from watery eyes at any time – and those with eyes that are sensitive to the filaments which go into mascara, since the ‘seal’ which waterproofs them also tends to stop specks and flakes. The trade-off is that some waterproof mascaras can be hard to remove. The following, then, put on particularly impressive performances – staying put when the testers wanted to swim/shower/dance in the rain, yet removing easily at the end of the day. (Alas no true ‘Beauty Steal’ – but DHC’s is fairly accessibly-priced. And sadly, only two waterproof options impressed our testers in the 2019 Awards, tying exactly with really good scores.)


GOLD JOINT AWARD DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

The two winning mascaras here got identical scores (from different tester panels) – but others fared not so well, hence the fact that there are only two Award-winners, for 2019. From a revered Japanese beauty skincare and make-up house, this one is what’s known as a ‘tube’ mascara – it simply won’t budge if you try to use a make-up remover, but requires warm-to-hot water (applied via a cotton pad or a flannel) to take it all off. (And yes, that does work!) While in place, it promises to be flake-free and smudge-free.


‘10/10: Within a couple of days of use I was searching the Internet to see where I could buy this from.  Until now, I've had to buy waterproof mascaras in order to combat the under eye transfer problem I experience with my hot flushes.  Unfortunately many of these look too thick for my taste. This water resistant mascara stays put with no flaking, smudging or smearing, yet still looks beautifully natural with one coat and can give a more intense effect with two coats’ • ‘I liked the very practical, very sleek silver mascara tube. It was so easy to apply but wiggling the brush up the lashes – that way you don't have spiders legs! The wand is recyclable and I know a lot of animal shelters are asking for mascara wands for using on baby animals’ hair so that's brilliant. I love the waxy thick very pigmented consistency and it’s also water resistant, which I love’ • ‘It looked natural on me and I had that lovely, not OTT look with this mascara. It didn't look like I had any mascara on really; my lashes did look lengthened though. I really enjoyed it’ • ‘I loved this mascara, which is a really good product. But it is water-resistant, not waterproof! So it didn't flake, smudge or smear for the first five hours despite my very watery eyes, but then it did start to smudge under my eyes’ • ‘This was pretty good at its main promise of lengthening lashes - much better than I'd thought given the quite wet consistency. With two or three coats, my lashes definitely looked longer and defined, very natural. But there wasn't much thickening’ • ‘Because the wand is thin, with a thin head it was really easy to get all the lashes in all the places - and not get mascara all over your face at the same time. Although it says to remove with warm water, I found it very hard to remove’ • ‘Great quality, long lasting mascara with a nice thin brush, which I prefer for application. It went on easily without clumping and gave a good glossing, thick finish. Also, I have very sensitive eyes and I found this didn't irritate them at all’ • ‘10+! The best mascara I have ever used. I absolutely love it. I felt like I had added faux lashes to my sparse fair ones. Brilliant product!’

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GOLD JOINT AWARD Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

Sensitive eyes? Wear contacts? Clinique’s mascaras are of course all ophthalmologist tested – and here we have a waterproof version of their hot-selling High Impact Mascara, going beyond its resistance to flaking, clumping and smudging with an additional waterproof action. For many of us, though, it’s the wand design which determines whether or not a mascara works for us – in this case, a very traditional style long brush, fashioned to deliver instant volume and length.


'Top marks. This was really great and I would definitely buy it. It went on very easily with the wand, which could really get to all my lashes. Made my lashes look thicker and longer, glossy and defined, and it didn't clump at all. I used an oil-based eye make-up remover and it came off easily without any problems although I did wake up with rings under my eyes if I didn't remove it completely’ • ‘This is a lovely mascara and it is REALLY waterproof. I tried it in the rain, the shower, a weepy movie and swimming. It performed very well in all those situations. But it was impossible to get off until I used Clinique Take The Day Off eye and lip remover, which worked. Thank God as I was starting to panic! It really should be sold with the accompany remover because believe me – that stuff is resilient!’ • ‘10/10. Really great mascara that didn't clump at all and made my lashes look longer and thicker. I really love it. The finish was defined and more glossy than dry looking. You could tell I had mascara on so it didn't look natural but it wasn't OTT: a happy medium. The wand was really great and I could get it to all my lashes. It came off with an oil-based remover. I would definitely buy this’ • ‘This mascara made my lashes look thicker and also held a curl brilliantly - I did use eyelash curlers as I do with any mascara. Highly recommend this for anyone looking for a waterproof mascara that will give thickness and hold a curl, especially in the rain’ • ‘Very good at thickening, curling and volumising and the finish was good - I would call it glossy. It didn't flake, crumble or smudge but there was some clumping I found. I thought the results were natural looking but I did have one or two comments with people asking if I was wearing false lashes’ • ‘I love this type of wand design; it’s very easy to coat each lash and get to the base of lashes to build them up. It held up great in the rain and in a weepy movie as long as I didn't forget and wipe my eyes, then it smudged. But overall I was very impressed.'

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