Happy Not Perfect App


We're always in the market for a new mindfulness/meditation app – and Happy Not Perfect is a great new addition to our iPhone screens.

As fans of Calm.com and Headspace ourselves, we’d say this is probably the perfect mindfulness app for younger readers. That's not to indicate that we’re not enjoying it ourselves, but it’s, um, decidedly ‘millennial-friendly’, kicking off with an invitation to select the feeling that most aptly describes your day, from ‘anxious’, ‘heartbroken’, ‘excited’, ‘happy’ or downright ‘meh’.

The app’s free – though like many, there are premium ‘in-app’ purchases. In the freebie version, you’re invited to write down what’s bothering you that day, and then ‘set fire’ to it by rubbing your finger back and forth on the screen. (Surprisingly satisfying!)

There’s a really useful breathing tutorial, and each day there’s a new mini-game, designed to trick the mind into thinking about something fun – maybe navigating a ball through a maze, or creating a doodle on your screen. 

Fundamentally, the underlying message is great. Much as we love Instagram, we know full well it’s creating all sorts of anxieties from people who feel that they can’t match the impossible (and often filtered and airbrushed) standards of the ‘influencers’ out there. Trust us: we know some of these women, and a) either they don’t actually look like that in real life, or b) they’re having stuff done to themselves or starving themselves to a point that means they don’t even look like the people we knew, any more.  

We much prefer the philosophy of Happy Not Perfect, which is trying to get away from the ‘likes’ culture. We can’t put it better than the ‘We’re constantly told to want more, to achieve more, to be more. But more doesn’t necessarily make us happier. Feeling good is an inside job… Feeling good is an inside job. We’re Happy Not Perfect. And our mission is to give you the tools to do just that. Feel calm, balanced and refreshed, regardless of what is happening around you. Looking after our mind needed to be easy, so we made it snackable, fun and convenient. The power is in repetition and the results are worth it. Like with everything, you reap what you sow – and we’ll remind you to focus on progress, not perfection.’

But what we especially like is how it encourages you to share a message with someone (or a ‘vibe’, as HNP puts it), at the end of your daily session – reaching out with a nugget of positivity. Today, a ‘You Light Up My Life’

 Even the logo’s a bit wonky. (Like most of us.) 

happynotperfect.com (and find the app on the iTunes store here)